Here's what i'm up to right now

Update October 4, 2017


  • Hosting Apple Wine Awakening meetings at SRC (Friday - Sunday nights)
  • Writing my second book: Counterfeit Fruit
  • Filming: Supernatural Family Academy
  • Podcasting weekly: It's my NEW passion. Check it out HERE.
  • Reading: Supernatural Transportation; 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management;
  • Work-out routine: Trail jogging, family hikes, no current additional workout routine at the moment.
  • Diet / Darren's eating lifestyle: Slow-carb diet / Kitogenic Diet
  • My four priorities:
    • 1. Actively engaging and being available for my family
    • 2. Being present and active to engage our leaders and fellowship at SRC
    • 3. Make myself available to me a catalyst of spiritual awakening
    • 4. Being intentional to steward my relationships and commitments with government and city involvement.